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Broken Promises from NHGOP on Vimeo.

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Video Highlights Jeanne Shaheen’s Decades of Deception And Broken Promises

Concord – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today released a new web video today highlighting Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s decades of broken promises. Shaheen has repeatedly misled New Hampshire with dishonest statements about ObamaCare, cuts to Medicare, deficit reduction and most notably, her phony pledge to oppose broad based taxes as governor.

“For decades Jeanne Shaheen has repeatedly misled New Hampshire with dishonest statements, broken promises and outright lies. She falsely promised that people could keep their health insurance if they liked it under ObamaCare. She shamefully misled Granite State seniors into believingthat she would protect their Medicare Advantage benefits. Shaheen dishonestly claimed that she would bring fiscal responsibility back to Washington and she tried to saddle New Hampshire with a disastrous sales tax that would have destroyed our low tax environment,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “Jeanne Shaheen has proven that she is a deceptive, dishonest Washington politician who lacks the character and integrity required to tell the truth. New Hampshire voters are sick and tired of her lies, and they are eager to replace her with a fiscally responsible Republican who will honor his or her promises.”




US Senator Jeanne Shaheen in 2009: “Everyone will have the freedom to keep their health care plan if they like it.”


Millions of Americans have received health insurance cancellation notices as a result of ObamCare.


Senator Jeanne Shaheen in 2009: “I think there is a lot of misinformation about where the cuts from Medicare are going to come from…they are going to make private insurers who offer Medicare advantage to pay the same amount that everybody else is getting under Medicare.”


The Obama Administration has proposed significant cuts to Medicare Advantage rates that will affect 30 percent of all Medicare recipients – or 16 million seniors – nationwide that are enrolled in the program.


Former Governor Jeanne Shaheen in 2008: “I think we have to restore fiscal responsibility to Washington. End the practice of just putting in place programs without willing to say where the money is coming from.  We have got to begin to pay down our $10 trillion debt that forces us every day to go out and borrow money from China, or Japan, or other countries, and its now the fifth largest line item in the budget. We have got to do something about that debt.”


As a Senator, Jeanne Shaheen has voted for President Obama’s fiscally irresponsible agenda 99 percent of the time and has done nothing to restore fiscal responsibility in Washington. Today our national debt stands at $17.5 trillion and counting.


State Senator Jeanne Shaheen in 1996: “I pledge to veto a sales or income tax, I’ve never supported a sales or income tax, I have never voted for one in the state senate, and asyour governor, we wont have one.”


As governor, Shaheen broke her pledge, and in 2001 she tried to destroy the New Hampshire Advantage by proposing a sales tax.