Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement regarding the Fourth of July:

“Fourth of July is a time for friends and family to come together and celebrate what makes our country great. On this Independence Day, let us not forget that a free, prosperous and strong America makes for a more peaceful world. Today the New Hampshire Republican Party honors and remembers with gratitude those sons and daughters who serve to protect the Founding Fathers' vision of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all.”

“Governor Denying Services To Some Of The State’s Most Needy”

Concord – Today, the Portsmouth Herald editorial board wrote that Governor Hassan’s budget was a “serious mistake”, noting that the “vetoed budget added money for substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery, mental health care, domestic violence prevention, and higher education.”

“Governor Hassan’s reckless budget veto has put critical state services for New Hampshire’s most needy at risk,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “We are only beginning to see the serious consequences of Governor Hassan’s politically-motivated veto. Governor Hassan should put her political ambitions aside and recognize that the needs of vulnerable Granite Staters are more important than career advancement.”

Yesterday, WMUR covered the case of Doris Brown, a 92-year-old Laconia woman who had her home health care terminated. The budget Governor Hassan vetoed included a 5% increase in home health care funding.

Governor Hassan has a history of putting funding for vulnerable Granite Staters first on the chopping block. Earlier this year, nursing home residents demanded Governor Hassan restore $7 million in cuts in nursing home and home health care funding.

On Monday, the Associated Press said the “budget would have doubled money in prevention, treatment and recovery” for New Hampshire’s “growing heroin and prescription drug abuse problem.” Tym Rourke, Chair of Governor Hassan’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, said that the lack of increased funding means “continued waitlists” and “continued overdose deaths”.


Associated Press: “Budget Would Have Doubled Money In Prevention, Treatment And Recovery” “Throughout the budget process, Republicans and Democrats alike called for greater efforts to address the state’s growing heroin and prescription drug abuse problem. The budget would have doubled money in prevention, treatment and recovery fund to $6.7 million, allowing the state to begin investing in now-lacking recovery programs. Without the additional funding, the state can’t start issuing requests for proposals for new programs and providers. (Kathleen Ronayne, "New Hampshire agencies, programs face budgetary uncertainty," Associated Press, 6/29/2015)

Associated Press: “For People Who Need Help, Advocates Say, The Delay Will Have Real Consequences…‘That Means Continued Waitlists, That Means Continued Overdose Deaths’” “For people who need help, advocates say, the delay will have real consequences…‘That means continued waitlists, that means continued overdose deaths,’ said Tym Rourke, chair of the Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery. ‘There is no substantive change we can expect to see around the substance abuse epidemic until we have the ability to provide those expanded services.’” (Kathleen Ronayne, "New Hampshire agencies, programs face budgetary uncertainty," Associated Press, 6/29/2015)

The Kelly for New Hampshire campaign officially kicked off Tuesday with the release of a new web video, "Solutions," and a rally at the Alpine Club in Manchester.

Concord Monitor: “‘I Did Not Drink The Washington Water’” “When Republican Kelly Ayotte first ran for the U.S. Senate five years ago, a voter warned her not to drink the water down in Washington, D.C. Everyone who does, she said he told her, forgets where they came from and loses their common sense. ‘I have never forgotten what he said,’ Ayotte told a packed room in Manchester on Tuesday night at the official launch of her Senate re-election campaign. ‘I did not drink the Washington water.’” (Allie Morris, "Kelly Ayotte officially launches re-election bid for Senate," Concord Monitor, 7/1/15)

Union Leader: “‘Bring New Hampshire Common Sense To Washington’” “Citing her desire to ‘continue to bring New Hampshire common sense to Washington,’ U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-NH, officially kicked off her re-election campaign during a rally before a capacity crowd at the Alpine Club on Manchester’s West Side.” (Paul Feely, “Ayotte officially kicks off re-election campaign with Manchester rally," Union Leader, 7/1/15)

  • Union Leader: “Highlighted Her Efforts On Behalf Of Veterans In The Granite State” Ayotte also highlighted her efforts on behalf of veterans in the Granite State. "A long-standing concern for many New Hampshire veterans has been the lack of a full-service VA hospital in our state, which causes many veterans to drive long distances to get the care they earned," said Ayotte. "To me, that's unacceptable. Fixing this inequity has been a priority for me since day one." (Paul Feely, “Ayotte officially kicks off re-election campaign with Manchester rally," Union Leader, 7/1/15)
Associated Press: “Expanding Veterans’ Health Care, Reducing Government Waste and Cutting Red Tape For Business” “Ayotte is…highlighting her work on expanding veterans' health care, reducing government waste and cutting red tape for businesses.” (Kathleen Ronayne, “Ayotte promotes bipartisanship in US Senate re-election bid,” Associated Press, 6/30/15)

WMUR: “Ayotte Can Lay Claim To Being Named One Of The Senate’s Most Bipartisan Lawmakers” “In a city that many voters feel is broken and toxic, Ayotte can lay claim to being named one of the senate’s most bipartisan lawmakers.” (Josh McElveen & Adam Sexton, “Kelly Ayotte officially launches re-election campaign,” WMUR, 7/1/15)

NH1: “Ayotte’s Done Scores Of Town Halls During Her Years In The Senate” “Ayotte’s done scores of town halls during her years in the Senate, and says ‘I am going to continue to do town halls. That’s something that I think is very important is to be accessible to people of New Hampshire. It’s part of our great tradition, and that’s why I keep doing them, and I will keep doing them.’” (Paul Steinhauser: “Ayotte highlights bipartisan record; pushes back against Democratic attacks,” NH1, 6/30/15)


“Kelly Ayotte consistently ranks as one of the most effective and bipartisan members of the United States Senate. She has represented Granite Staters with honor and distinction by working across the aisle to expand access to health care for our veterans, combat sexual assault in the military and end Washington’s government shutdown. Kelly is committed to the traditional New Hampshire principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility, and she has earned another term in the United States Senate.” – NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn

Concord – The New Hampshire Republican State Committee today reset the Governor Hassan Shutdown Clock featured on after Governor Hassan vetoed the budget and signed a six-month continuing resolution. The clock will continue to serve as a reminder that Governor Hassan’s politically-motivated actions have threatened state services and caused uncertainty for New Hampshire job creators as she plots a campaign for the United States Senate.

“Governor Hassan’s irresponsible veto of the Legislature’s budget has threatened core services and blocked efforts to cut taxes and create more good paying jobs. New Hampshire is facing months of fiscal uncertainty because of Governor Hassan’s failed leadership and unwillingness to compromise,” said NHGOP Chairman Jennifer Horn. “Now more than ever, New Hampshire deserves a full time governor instead of a calculating politician who is obsessed with plotting her next career move. It’s time for Governor Hassan to put partisan politics aside, rule out a United States Senate campaign and devote her full attention to fixing the budget crisis that she created.”

The Nashua Telegraph blasted Hassan’s partisanship and politically-motivated veto in a scathing editorial in Sunday’s edition.

“It’s Hassan who so far is firing off the harshest rhetoric and appears most motivated by political ambition,” wrote the Telegraph, referencing Hassan’s plans to run for United States Senate in 2016. “And that’s why the governor needs to be careful. If she pushes too hard, she becomes just another politician sacrificing her commitment to bipartisanship simply to advance her political career.” 

Hassan has refused to follow the bipartisan example set by her predecessor, former Democrat Governor John Lynch. Despite disagreements with the FY 12-13 biennium budget crafted by a Republican legislature, Lynch refused to veto it because of the long-term risk to state government. He worried that a veto could lead to an eventual shutdown and would “create chaos in state government” if a budget was not in place by July 1.

As of this writing, there are 184 days, 15 hours and 29 minutes until Governor Hassan’s Government Shutdown.