Letter Topics

  • Senator Shaheen
    • Senator Shaheen skipped a important meeting on senate filibuster changes to attend a campaign fundraiser in New York City with Wall Street Bankers and lobbyists. The meeting was attended by 98 of her 99 senate colleagues.
    • For days, she refused to tell her constituents why she was unable to represent New Hampshire at this important summit.
    • Shaheen only explained her absence after she was shamed by the New Hampshire Republican Party and hounded by the media.
    • Senator Shaheen proved that she is more interested in raising campaign cash that serving her constituents.
    • The Senator is also trying to hide from her constituents. She does not value open and transparent government.
    • Shaheen has reminded New Hampshire that she is an unaccomplished, undistinguished, weak, backbencher in the Senate. Our state deserves stronger leadership in the Senate, and Shaheen has proven that she doesnt deserve to be reelected in 2014.
  • State Budget
    • Led by the Republican Senate, New Hampshire's recently approved budget sees no new taxes or fees.
    • The budget, which was approved by both houses, successfully defeated the unnecessary 30 cent tobacco tax increase and the 12 cent gas tax hike.
    • Four business tax reductions which were passed in the 2011-2012 session will be implemented as planned.
    • The Republican Senate's budget ushered in more government transparency by successfully eliminating the proposal which would have allowed the Governor to raid any dedicated fund at any amount as needed.
    • The School Choice Tax Credit Program was preserved under the watchful eye of Senate Republicans.
    • Educational programs such as UNIQUE had funding restored rather than diverted to other programs.  The same was done with the LCHIPS program.
    • Governor Hassan continues to mislead Granite State voters by taking credit for the hard work of Senate Republicans to cover up her failed budgetary leadership.
  • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
    • Mayor Bloomberg's discredited, out-of-state gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns has spent millions of dollars on dishonest ads in New Hampshire.  
    • This group is an extremist organization that wants to limit the rights of law abiding gun owners.  
    • Last week they were caught telling outright lies at a gun control rally in Concord. Representatives at this event read the names of "gun victims" that included thugs, murderers and terrorists who were shot by law enforcement officials.
    • Some of the thugs, murderers and terrorists on Bloomberg's "victims" list included Boston marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev and cop-killer Christopher Dorner.  
    • Mayors Against Illegal Guns doesn't care about facts, and they are willing to mislead and lie to people to advance their radical agenda.  
    • Mayor Bloomberg is an elitist New York City liberal who has little respect for Granite Staters' intelligence and values.  
    • It is time to send Mayor Bloomberg a message that his money and extremist organization is not welcome in New Hampshire.  
    • It is time for Dover Mayor Dean Trefethen to join Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau in resigning from Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He is the only New Hampshire public official to hold membership in this organization. 
  • President Obama
    • President Obama's culture of corruption has eroded the American public's confidence in his administration.
    • The federal government is out of control. The NSA scandal, the AP scandal, the IRS scandal and the questions surrounding the Administration's handling of Benghazi have diminished trust in President Obama.  
    • CNN/ORC poll of 1,104 adult Americans June 11-13 shows the president's job approval rating at 45 percent, down 8 percentage points in a month.  
    • Among young voters, only 48 percent approve of the president's performance, a 17-point decline since the last CNN/ORC poll. These are the president's most loyal supporters, and the future of American politics.  
    • Asked for the first time by CNN/ORC about the president's handling of "government surveillance of U.S. citizens," 61 percent of Americans said they disapprove.  
    • A month into Obama's presidency, 74 percent of Americans answered "yes," saying the terms "honest and trustworthy" applied to him. This month, only 49 percent of Americans say Obama is honest and trustworthy.  
    • Voters are looking to elect honest and responsible Republican candidates in 2014 who will restore confidence in our government. 
  • The New Hampshire Health Protection Program
    • Say YES to Private Insurance! 
      NO to Expanded Medicaid!
    • 58,000 New Hampshire residents under 133% of the federal poverty level lack access to affordable health care or insurance
    • Under the Republican alternative,  The New Hampshire Health Protection Program, 24,000 New Hampshire residents that cannot afford or choose not to access employer sponsored coverage would be allowed to purchase their employer-based insurance with the help of federal subsidies.  34,000 residents not eligible for employer sponsored coverage would use their federal subsidy to purchase private insurance with personal responsibility trggers such co-pays.
    • Why is the Republican aternative the better opton? It is The NH Way - solving problems at the STATE level.
    • Protects PATIENTS wth higher quality coverage and care, leading to better health outcomes and encourages personal respponsibility through privat einsurance products and wellness programs.
    • Protects MEDICAL providers because priate insurance reimbursement rates are higher than Medicaid
    • Protects TAXPAYERS becuase th eprogram automatically ceases if federal funding ever falls below 100%, it does not allow the funding to go through the general fund (where it could be redirected).
    • With 150,000 people currently in Medicaid in NH, that accounts for 12% of our population.  An additional 58,000 people in this program is simply unsustainable and will surely lead to a State Income or Sales tax.

  • State Budget
    • Without raising taxes, the Senate budget spends only what the state can afford at $10.7 billion over the biennium, a modest three-percent increase from the last biennium.
    • The Senate budget spends $400 million less than the Governor's budget, and $300 million less than the House's budget.
    • The Senate budget removes the 12-cent gas tax increase that would kill jobs and place an even greater tax burden on working families.
  • IRS Scandal
    • She joined with her fellow Democrat senators to urge the attack on conservative groups and urged the IRS to crack down on 501(c(4) groups.
    • Shaheen has singled out and attacked conservative 501(c)(4)s like Americans for Prosperity and Crossroads, but said nothing about liberal 501(c)(4)s.
    • Shaheen has hypocritically welcomed the support of Organizing for Action (OFA), a liberal 501(c)(4) headed by President Obama that is going to help her 2014 reelection campaign.

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